Facilitating Goodness
This is a project that utilized the social design methodology, which allowed for the community of Kolding to help in facilitating the design outcomes of various social experiments. The final outcome lead to the upcycled design of a mobile social gathering wagon that included some aspect of each experiment.  
Pay What You Want Tacos
The first of several happenings adding conversation as to how we interact with communal public spaces 
was a makeshift taco stand. Patrons were encouraged to pay what they thought was a "fair price", 
thus eliminating conventional pricing practices. This experiment was conducted in order to 
see if people would like an alternative food stand apart from the local hot dog.
Facilitating Goodness Back Rests
Another experiment was to see how I could make a common meeting area more inviting by utilizing the space in between 
the wooden slats to place back rests made from recycled pallettes.
Solar Panelled Battery Operated Facilitating Goodness Wagon
This was the culmination of the two former experiments with the last element remaining to be added being the ability to listen to 
music as well as having a cooler for drinks and back rests for utilizing the urban space. Lastly this was conceptually executed with 
the intention of making public spaces more inviting and giving them more of a sustained purpose.
Guerilla Marketing Posters
It was important to get the message across about taking time to enjoy the spaces and generate a conversation 
about how spaces can be utilized more effectively by allowing citizens to collaborate in the design process 
of making them more inviting.
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