#Spilbanden is a social parasite in the free daily newspaper with the ambition to change the commuting behaviors of sitting plugged in, with easy to learn group games.
To deliver the games to the commuters #spilbanden adds an additional page to the metro news with instructions and the games on it. The players are invited to share their experience through their  social media channels like Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #spilbanden.
In order to spread the idea of social gaming in trains I decided to use a form of guerilla marketing and used the hashtag #pendlerliv from the Metro Xpress. This way I get free advertising for the pamphlet on their Instagram channel and in their Instagram stories featured in Metro Xpress.
The Spilbanden pamphlet is divided in three parts, consisting of games, which can be played without additional materials, and games, which need a pen and a sign to invite others to play.
#Spilbanden act's as a group without any ownership and tries to facilitate interaction within public space through the social participation of playing games. Playing commuters are invited to share their experiences through social media outlets to connect with other players. 
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